4 Stains That Could Ruin Memorial Day

Here are some tips to help you avoid a memorializing mess.

Having a few folks over for your summer kickoff party? Here are some tips to help you avoid a memorializing mess.

    1. BBQ sauce. This stuff is totally delicious and screams summer, so you’re gonna want to have a lot of it on hand. However, its stains are legendary. Solution: wearing a plastic garbage over your clothes will help you avoid stains and free you up to pig out even more. If that sounds unappealing, get BBQ stains out easily.


    1. Wine. A nice red pairs well with parenthood chicken and hot dogs. But it isn’t fun to have a permanent pattern of tiny red stains on your summer clothes. If you do spill, just tell folks it’s an artsy shirt you got at a local artisan market. Or check here to get your clothes white again.


    1. Berry stains. The fact that berries are one of the single worst stain culprits in the kitchen shouldn’t keep you from devouring bite after bite of crumbly sweet pies and tarts. You’ll enjoy the stained teeth you see in the mirror when you’re smiling. For your clothes, just do this.


  1. Melted cheese. Melted cheese is incredibly annoying to clean off of surfaces and pots. If you run hot water on it, the stuff just gets gooier and gooier. The trick is to run cold water on it, let it solidify, and then scrape it off. Don’t eat it… no matter how good it looks.

So party on and leave the stains behind for summer.

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