4 Most Disappointing Summer Activities

Here are four disappointments to watch out for during summer.

Everyone loves summer. It’s a time when the world becomes warm and the days last longer. But it’s also a time when high expectations can result in deflated aspirations. And not just for your kids. Here are four disappointments to watch out for during summer.


    1. Movies. Big budget summer movies are most enjoyable right after you first see the film’s trailer, but long before you actually buy a ticket for said film.


    1. Glamping. Glamorous camping, aka “glamping,” sounds like a winner. But think about it: If you are in enough luxury to actually remain glamorous, then why even bother camping? You should really be in a 5-star-hotel near a natural center, so you get the sensation of nature without the bug bites or the bears.


    1. Music festivals. These things always sound like a great idea. Your sentiment of “Hey, let’s just feel young and/or cool and enjoy the sun and the music and the company of others” quickly turns into “Aggghhhhhh I can’t stand these young and/or cool hipsters and the sun is killing me and it’s too loud and hot and where is the medical tent?” And that’s before you even leave the driveway.


  1. The beach. The concept of the Beach Day is an American institution, but the reality of Beach Day is an American asylum. You pack the little sun-block covered kids into the roadster, overload it with towels, snacks & umbrellas, and fight traffic to the lumpy, remote car park. Then you cross blistering hot sands and wander endlessly through an apocalyptic wasteland of battling radios, off-leash children, and locked ‘n’ loaded seagulls. Finally, you settle the family onto a sand flea-infested patch next to the garbage strewn trash bin. Paradise.

Still, it’s summer. Try staying home, putting on some new tunes and playing “music festival” with the kids in the backyard. We guarantee the bathroom’s cleaner.

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