4 Houses That Suck To Clean

It’s a house party! Now bask in the glorious aftermath. Here are four types of houses that would be awful to clean.


    1. McMansion. Many newly constructed houses are so large you need a “You Are Here” map to find your bedroom. Hopefully, if you can afford one of these houses, you can also afford the staff of 20 needed to keep it clean.


    1. Micro-house. The micro-house is all the rage and a pet of ecofriendly homeowners. Literally, it is a pet; these houses are so small you can lean down and pat its head. And cleaning it is a real problem, because while there is very little space to actually clean, there is also nowhere to store cleaning supplies. Try using dollhouse-size tools for those hard-to-reach places. And might we suggest our concentrated bleach? It takes up less space in your dollhouse-size kitchen cabinet.


    1. Castle. It sounds like a dream to live like a King. But castles have lots of room, lots of lichen and lots of dungeons. This means you’ll need lots and lots of wipes. Who knows who’s been in that iron maiden! Just hope the castle isn’t still inhabited by royals, or you’ll have to deal with the persnickety butler as well.


  1. Sorority/frat house. Lots of co-eds generally means lots of primping products — but not a lot of cleaning ones. On the plus side, many hands make light work. The downside? Those hands are typically busy planning parties.

So count your blessings that you don’t have to clean these annoying domiciles. Be it ever so humble, there is no place like your home. (But a hotel is fun, too.)

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