6 Ways to Keep Kids Busy Over Summer

The little scamps are out of school for three months, and that means idle, tiny hands

The little scamps are out of school for three months, and that means idle, tiny hands seeking to do the devil’s work. Here are some ideas to fill up their days.


    1. Art camp. Kids love being shown how to do new artistic things. Turn your garage or backyard into a creative wonderland with art classes, and if a child happens to makes a great design you can make a mint in the lucrative custom t-shirt business.


    1. Outdoor movie nights. A fun way for families to have a drive-in movie experience at home is to make one out on the patio. Just make sure you don’t have the volume too loud. And watch out for mosquitoes. And the projectors are pretty expensive. Also the ground may be muddy. On second thought, maybe just watch TV.


    1. Swimming lessons. This is a great summertime activity, because everyone likes swimming in hot weather. And since swimming is a great life skill to learn, and is one of the best exercises for both burning calories and building muscles, it is a win-win for everyone involved. Just don’t let them bring candy bars into the pool.


    1. Paint house. This is a big, fun family chore that everyone can mess up together before deciding to just call professional painters.


    1. Learn to cook. Give them some life skills and have a little fun bonding by teaching them some of your favorite recipes. Whoever ate it but didn’t make it does the cleanup.


  1. Cleaning the kitchen. Just kidding, this’ll never happen.

So try to enjoy their time off from school. They are only young once and it goes by so fast. It just feels like an eternity when you’re doing their laundry.

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