6 Stains Your Teen Makes During Warm Months

Does your laundry basket smell like teen spirit?

Does your laundry basket smell like teen spirit? That’s because teens get into some smelly places. Armpits, dirty socks, old towels, oh my!


    1. Sweat stains. In the summer, it’s important to remind teens they should really change their shirts every day. Teens exude a powerful strain of acidic perspiration that may be capable of eating through clothing if left unchecked. (In fact, wasn’t that the basis of a horror movie recently?) Get on top of those armpit stains ASAP — or better yet, teach them how to!


    1. Undie marks. One thing some teenagers can’t seem to master is the tushy wipe. This is the real reason why spot remover was invented. If you use bleach in your wash you’ll keep those white underwear clean, and have the added benefit of avoiding any awkward conversations with your teen.


    1. Crunchy socks. Both girls and boys seem to wear the same socks over and over. While it’s impressive when your sporty teen’s socks can stand up on their own, it would be even more impressive if the socks could walk themselves into the washer. Instead, you’ll have to trap them in a paper bag and wrestle them into the wash. On the plus side, it will sharpen your reflexes.


    1. Mildewed towels. Teens might not notice or understand why their towels smell so rancid. Explain to them the basic science of moisture trapped in a warm dark space until their eyes glaze over. At that point, pile all the sour rags into a hot bleachy wash.


    1. Makeup. Teens aren’t known for restraint. Give them access to makeup and you may end up thinking your teenager has been replaced by an ’80s glam rocker. When the makeup gets on her favorite shirt, check out this solution.


  1. Froyo front. No one is quite sure why teens love frozen yogurt so much. It may be the social atmosphere…or it may just be the sprinkles. Regardless, it’s hard to gobble down froyo on a hot day before it melts all over your shirt. Unless wearing a bib becomes a new teen trend, you may need to check out this ice cream removal tip.

Just remember, good communication is always important when it comes to your teen and cleanliness — unfortunately, these days you might just have to do it over Twitter.

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