4 Yuckiest Places You Pick Up Lice

It doesn’t matter how clean you are, lice can sneak in unnoticed and wreak havoc.

As a parent, there’s no getting around at least one lice infestation. It doesn’t matter how clean you are, lice can sneak in unnoticed and wreak havoc. That said, you can still keep vigilant to avoid the intensive multi-part aftermath (and crying session) for as long as possible. Here are four places one might pick up lice.

1. Hats, scarves, helmets and caps. Yes, we all want our children to learn to share — but ideally nothing that’s touched their heads, since that’s an easy way to spread lice. For that matter, let’s not share things that touch lips, noses or hands either since that’s the easiest way to spread colds and flu viruses. So generally, they should stop sharing until they’ve graduated.

2. Combs and brushes. You — and your children — should invest in your own grooming equipment. Unless you’re on a reality show and live in one of those houses where everyone has to share everything, ideally you should keep your things to yourself (see #1 re: sharing). If you have a lice scare, however, soak combs, brushes and any hair ties in 10 percent bleach.

3. Hair ties, barrettes, scrunchies and hair pins. First of all, let’s talk scrunchies — just toss them. Didn’t those go out of style with the ’80s? Come to think of it, they are so out they may actually be back “in” by now. So just keep them to yourself. (See #2, re: sharing.)

4. Your children. Yes, your kids are delightful and beautiful. But their heads are Ground Zero for lice livin’. Who rolls around in wood chips at the park? Who trades jackets and caps on the playground? Who hates baths and combs and being clean? To be safe, kids need to be quarantined inside large plastic orbs that roll to school and back. Or just stop with all the sharing.

So stop itching. It’s all in your head. Or, rather, ON your head. Better check!


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