4 Worst Substances to Track In On Your Shoe

It happens to the best of us: no matter how careful we are.

It happens to the best of us: no matter how careful we are, we notice at some point during the day that our shoes are either smelling or sticking or leaving little bits of stuff all over the floor, or worst of all, all three. Here are four of the worst substances to track in on your shoes.

  1. Gum. Hot gum has a way of breaking down until it’s a sticky, tentacular mess that glues your shoes to your fingers, pants, floor or toddler’s mouth. Under no circumstances should one eat the gum on their shoe, no matter how much one needs a quick breath freshening. 
  2. Sap. There is practically nothing more annoying than sap. It’s too solid to easily be cleaned off of a shoe, but it will never solidify enough to stop making a “tack-tack-tack” noise as you walk. Trees really need to be a little more considerate. 
  3. Dog Poop. Yeah. Of course. You didn’t think poop would be forgotten, did you? Dog poop runs the gamut from Extremely Fragrant to Barely Noticeable. But no matter what the scent or consistency, every poop has a knack for delightedly jumping off of your shoes and finding the perfect hiding place in your carpet or car mat. At least floors can be easily cleaned. 
  4. Unidentifiable. Maybe you were at the park. Or in the mall. Or at a kid’s party where the floor is covered in popcorn, peanut shells and such. But sometimes you get home and you just can’t tell what that gooey mess is. In those cases, you may have to admit defeat and kick those kicks to the curb.

 So step lightly and stay out of puddles. Or buy a spare toothbrush for cleaning.

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