4 Ways To Make Grad Feel Grand

Here’s how to make your grads feel special as they venture out into the world.


    1. Trips abroad. Before the shackles of adulthood lock onto their young, smooth wrists; let them frolic about in a foreign land. If travel abroad is too expensive, that “foreign land” could also be their grandparents’ retirement community in Florida.


    1. Tech gadgets. Extra charger, cell phone, laptop – these things help the modern person in today’s tech-powered job-hunting landscape. And if you don’t want that boomerang back so quickly, you’ll do everything necessary to help them get a paycheck large enough to support their video game habit. After all, you’ve got your own video game habit to pay for.


    1. Gift cards. Your grad is going to need a lot of cereal, underwear, and cleaning supplies. That’s why gift cards were invented. If you give them a large enough gift, they can also buy something just for fun, like dental floss.


  1. Money. Probably the most beloved of all gifts is cold hard cash. If you were the type of parent who gave allowance, think of it as a severance package.

So send your graduate off with a wink, a smile, and a fighting chance. And then turn their room into a gym.

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