4 Ways to Help Kids Remember Mother’s Day

Moms deserve a lot of thanks for everything they do.

Moms deserve a lot of thanks for everything they do. So take a few extra steps to ensure she’s happy with these 4 ways to help kids remember Mother’s Day.

1.   Social Media — There is nothing kids love more (especially teens) than when their parents make comments in their social channels. They may delete whatever you post immediately, but at least that way you know they saw it.

2.   Sticky notes — Good old-fashioned notes stuck to the bathroom mirror are still an effective communication method with kids. On the plus side, some sticky notes hold about as much information as a Tweet so you know they will actually finish reading it.

3.   Text messages — Short, sweet, annoying. Try to time them so the kids are in the card or candy store for maximum effectiveness.

4.   Guilt & threats — Reminding the kids how much Mom sacrifices for them is still the #1 way of getting them to do anything, even stuff like laundry or dishes.

Add in the vague threat of losing privileges and items and they really start to pay attention.

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