4 Ways to Clean Up in the New Year

Here are four ways to clean up in the New Year.

Every New Year’s Eve it’s the same thing: resolve to do better that night then be tempted by leftover champagne and cake the next morning. But there are a few things you can do to set yourself up for success, and they all can be done while nursing a hangover. Here are four ways to clean up in the New Year.

1. Organize closet. Every morning you stare into the abyss and it stares into you, rumpled and chaotic. How can you be expected to maintain an orderly appearance when your closet is a shambles? Make a checklist, get some cedar balls, and straighten out those threads! Your colleagues and family will thank you.

2. Clean Fridge. Your fridge is like a residential hotel. Some things check in for just a few days, while others have been there since before you can remember. But c’mon, it’s hard to keep up with every single tenant when you’re constantly playing ketchup with your family. So take a Saturday morning, get a garbage bag (have your kids help you play the game Toss or Taste) and some wipes to wipe down the outside of the fridge and that yucky handle.

3. Scrub bathroom. New Year, new you, new bathroom. At least it will feel that way after a good, deep cleaning. Grab the toilet cleaner and some wipes and attack the filth of 2013. You’ll be amazed that anyone in your house even had that much hair to shed.

4. Detail car. Is your car a rolling frat house, littered with coffee cups, sandwich wrappers and the occasional stray pair of pants? Do yourself a favor and start the year off with a clean slate by getting rid of that mess. You’ll feel a lot better sitting in commuter traffic if you’re smelling a pine-scented air freshener than the sour smell of milk your kid spilled last summer.

So put the bubbly on ice, stay safe, and get ready for the best year ever! Or at the very least, the cleanest.

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