4 Grossest Things on the TV Remote

Here are four of the ickier things on your remote.

Don’t touch that dial! Not because there is something great on TV, but because the remote one of the more disgusting items in your house. (And if you have kids or pets … that’s saying something.) Here are four of the ickier things on your remote.

1. Saliva. Remotes are widely known as a favorite chew toy. For the dog and the baby. And from the smell of it, they’ve both been eating the same food. Periodically, give the remote a little wipe for everyone’s sake.

2. Salsa. Murphy’s Law is to blame for the food with the most chunks and liquid spilling onto the item with the most grooves and holes. Murphy’s Law — and football parties. Having an old salsa mess is not only annoying to clean; it’s a challenge if the baby is using the remote as a sucking toy. Better hope baby likes it spicy.

3. Banana. Nature’s perfect food is only perfect until moments after it’s peeled. The more it’s handled, the softer it becomes, until it resembles a sweet paste that’s perfect for mashing into the buttons of the remote. Just ask baby, who probably needed something to take the edge off that salsa.

4. Grime. You know how you put away all the kids’ toys, scoop the litter box, set the coffee, wipe up that unidentifiable mess off the floor, empty the lunchbox, fix yourself a snack, then pick up the remote? Probably without washing your hands much in between? Yeah, that.

So award yourself the gift of some good clean fun on TV by wiping down that remote every once in a while. Or else you’ll just have to keep watching that program where the guy makes himself sick by eating too much food until they develop mind-control channel changers.

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