4 Dirtiest Musical Instruments

Here are some of the dirtier musical instruments.

With the music awards season coming up it’s nice to imagine one’s own child playing an instrument, practicing until they are great, and perhaps making a living as a musical artist. (And just for the sake of fantasy, let's pretend it doesn't include hours of you nagging them to practice.) But what's not imaginary are the germs and dirt lurking behind those sweet notes. Here are some of the dirtier musical instruments.

1.    Guitars. These rock n’ roll staples look incredibly cool slung low and powered up —  until crunchy fuzz echoes through the garage. But where do you think those string-plinking fingers have been? Noses and even darker places. Until someone makes guitar gloves, keep wipes handy.

2.    Keyboards. As with guitars, dirty fingers are a problem. But keyboards also suffer the indignity of being rained upon by whatever the player happens to be eating for lunch as well. Uneasy fix: build a salad bar-style sneeze guard over the keys or keep a car vac nearby.

3.    Turntables. Who doesn't love a good DJ party? But when you’re young, ones turn to turn comes after a spinner with the sniffles, it might be time to give it a good cleaning.

4.    Wind instruments. No, we don't mean great uncle Bob. Make sure to disinfect the mouthpieces otherwise any time you press your lips to a wind instrument, it's like you're kissing everyone who’s ever used it.

Knowing all this, one might be inclined to think that the only safe instrument is in an air band. But we say, just relax and enjoy the music to your fears.

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