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Put the lid on BBQ stains, ASAP.

Did you serve up not-so-well-done BBQ sauce stains on white clothes or table linens at your housewarming party? Here’s how to remove em: Pretreat with Clorox® Bleach Pen® Gel for whites. Then wash on the hottest recommended water setting along with your favorite detergent and Clorox® Scented Bleach for that fresh, clean smell.

Make messy mud splashes disappear.

Rain + white pants = a muddy formula for a fashion faux pas. Here’s how to remove a mud stain from your whites: Presoak in warm water with regular detergent for at least one hour. Then wash as usual with detergent and ½ cup clean-smelling Clorox® Scented Bleach. Repeat as needed until stain is gone.

Bleach clean your baby items.

Between “oohs” and “ahhs” over your new bundle of joy come plenty of “oh nos!” Good thing baby bottles, nipples, dishes and high chairs can be sanitized using Clorox® Regular-Bleach. Soak washed items for 2 minutes in a solution of 2 tsp of bleach per gallon of water. Pour solution through nipples. Drain dry.

Removing hot chocolate stains

It is officially fall! With the change of seasons come a change of weathers, and a cool weather favorite has always been hot chocolate! Chocolate has fine particles and milk proteins that can make this a difficult stain to remove

  1. Soak fabric in cold water and good liquid laun ...Read More

Removing printer ink from clothing

What is the best way to remove yellow printer ink from blue jeans?

Ink is an extremely difficult stain to remove given how concentrated printer ink is--but it's still worth giving a little hand sanitizer a try to break up the stain so it will be easier to get it out. Also, ...Read More

Regular Bleach Usage on Fabric

Q: Does regular use of bleach damage the fabric?

A:  Fabrics naturally deteriorate just from wearing, washing, and drying; using bleach doesn’t accelerate this effect.  We have examined this extensively, evaluating a wide variety of white items commonly bleached:  soc ...Read More

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Moment #111,446

My 18 month old daughter had just learned her colors. She decided purple was her favorite color and spent time every day pointing out things that were "poh-pol." One Sunday morning, as we were getting ready for church, I heard her in her play room yelling "poh-pol, poh-pol, poh-pol." When I made my way in there, I discovered she had colored her white sun dress purple with a marker! Clorox bleach came through and saved her Sunday's best.
  • Brenda H.
  • 01-28-2014
Messes love company.
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Clorox® Regular-Bleach refers to EPA registration number 5813-100 registered as Clorox® Regular-Bleach1.