Septic Tanks and Bleach

Q. I use bleach in my white wash, but also have a septic tank. I need to be careful about how much bleach I use, so as not to kill the bacteria in the tank. We are a family of four adults, but have occasional invasions of germy little grandchildren. Any ideas?

A. I can put your mind at ease regarding using Clorox® Regular-Bleach and your fear of harming your septic tank bacteria. As long as you use the recommended amount (3/4 cup per wash), the bulk of the sodium hypochlorite active will be broken down to salt and water while attacking the stains, soils and germs in the wash load. Any un-reacted hypochlorite will find lots of "things" to react with going down the pipes before it enters your septic tank field to be converted into salt and water. So as long as you’re not pouring a whole bottle down the drain, you have nothing to fear and those germy grandkids can have the cleanest, whitest clothes while visiting.

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